Notice to my 3 or 4 readers:

Certain dumbness is circulating on this planet. And this means it's time for an upgrade. If you notice, all of my articles about said dumbness have been eliminated. My links page will change as well to reflect my adherence to simply living life and sharing my hobbies with the reader, as this site was intended. After careful thought, I chose to stop the whining. The longer we allow the stupidity to control us, the more miserable we will be. To be clear, I will not give into tyrannical douche monkeys. In fact, I will continue to fight harder than ever. But one of the ways to accomplish this is to simply stop addressing the issue. The more we react to it, the more we feed the filthy thing. We can and will live our lives. We will continue to enjoy what we love while ignoring all the garbage. So, I am back on track. I'll be bringing more articles soon about cool non 'c' word stuff soon. Until then, do what you do. And don't dwell on tyrannical buttholes or fear mongering media. I'm not doing it anymore. They give me a headache.

Archaic Archer

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