Notice from the Site Owner:

For the time being, I am suspending my articles about the hobby of archery and primitive skills. Our country is in trouble. Our way of life has been disrupted. There are none on this planet who are not affected. Lives have been irreversibly ruined by tyrannical leaders under the guise of public safety. Suicide rates are up several hundred percent. Medical neglect due to a politicized virus has caused, and will cause, millions to lose their lives. And while the medical tryanny is going on, cities are burning and innocent people are killed or beaten for the simple act of being white. Law enforcement agencies worldwide are now militarizing, preparing for a worldwide escalation of the violence and division after the American election in November. Politicians, Hollywood, and the Media all applaud the violence and hatred they have nurtured over the last few years. Civil war is not out of the question at this point. We are in trouble, people. That is the truth. No point in sugar coating it.

But there is light at the end of this dismal tunnel. Justice always prevails. God never loses. We may have to fight. Or at the very least, learn to live our lives completely differently for the time being. Things will return to normal. They always do. And no, I am not talking about the covid propaganda phrase "new normal". There is no new normal. Just normal. And it will make a comeback. Be vigilant. Be strong. Don't give up. We will make it through this. Those insurrectionists who have caused these atrocities will be punished. The murderers who have killed innocents will be brought to justice. The tyrants will be dealt with. Civility will return.

In the mean time, allow me to leave a few tips here which may help you weather the storm:

1. Find people you can trust. And watch each other's backs.

2. Make sure you have food and medical supplies stored.

3. Arm yourselves. Some of you may be against owning firearms. Get over it. Those who will come to rape and kill you certainly don't have a problem with it.

4. Have an escape plan. At least one.

5. Practice scenarios with those in your group.

Time is running out. These are just 5 tips. I could list them all day. But you get the idea. After society normalizes, I will be back to educate on the caveman stuff. For now, I have preparations I need to do myself. I will leave this site up in the mean time. The links will remain active as well as the contact email too, just in case you want more information. Good luck out there, people. Godspeed!

Feel free to leave me a death threat, comment, complaint, or advice to my new secure email: