Stockpiling Bibles?

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Ammunition, weapons and accessories, medical supplies, food, water, gasoline, clothing, a secured place to sleep, and...Bibles? Let me explain what I'm getting at.

As any of you who read my lame blog are aware, we are being crushed under the jackboot of censorship and tyranny. And it's being perpetuated by Cancel culture. For some retarded reason, they have been able to intimidate Government agencies and companies into bending the knee and doing everything they say. You want to read Dr Seuss to your kids? Too bad if you want to read one of the titles on the banned list. That's right. Books are being banned. If ideas in print don't meet up with the cancel culture narrative, its gone. It isn't just books, however. Cartoons are being pulled. Movies are being taken down from streaming services. Video games are going full politically "correct". And even toy lines are being coerced into either closing, or re-imagining their toys to be more "inclusive". I could cite examples all day.

So what about Bibles? As with the items mentioned above, the Holy Bible is no different. There is already talk of banning the book, calling it "hate speech", and the people who believe in it are now "white supremacists". This method of demonizing it in this manner could very well, and unfortunately, work. Their goal of abolishing God's word could be on the horizon. Over the last few years, the media and leftist politicians have accelerated cancel culture to what it is today. And they have consistently used accusations of racism as the means to accomplish it. Everything they don't like is "racist" or pushes a "racial inequality" or "white supremacist" ideology.  Especially the Bible in their eyes. But I won't sit here all day typing what I've already read. Many more writers have already done the research and shared it online. Here are a few links of interest:

1. This was not the first time that CALIFORNIA TRIED TO BAN THE BIBLE, and it won't be the last. It IS California after all.

2. Oh but wait! Apparently, TEXAS HAS BEEN ATTEMPTING IT TOO!

3. Here's a brilliant idea. Let's just refuse to allow SOLDIERS TO DISPLAY THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS ON THEIR DOG TAGS  because someone might be offended and not have a safe space to retreat to. I know this isn't exactly about the Bible itself. But it did catch my eye. I can only assume that if they are successful in taking religious symbols away from the military, this will include the Bible.

4. This may very well start in the outlets and online stores first, before the Government proclaims any kind of "official" banning. AMAZON IS ALREADY BANNING BOOKS WRITTEN BY CHRISTIANS. The Bible could be next on their chopping block.

5. The banning will likely be ON A WORLD-WIDE BASIS.

6. See what I mean? IT ISN'T AN ISOLATED THING. These are 6 out of approximately 52 countries who have banned the Bible.

7. I'll stop after this. Lucky number 7 I guess. Here is an article which sums up the LEFT'S OBSESSION WITH OUTLAWING RELIGION.

Basically, there are hundreds of articles and blog posts from people pointing out this attack on religion, more specifically Christianity and the Bible. A quick google search reveals this. Of course, one has to dodge the propagandist algorithm too. Google, after all, is a globalist-communist company.

Ok. Back to the whole stockpiling thing: There will likely come a day, and maybe soon, when the  illogical use of the words  "hate speech" or "extremism" to describe the Bible will take hold on a massive scale. Likely it will start on the seller level without Government mandates. But once it happens, just as happened with our current crisis, that things will escalate very rapidly. Eventually, sale or transfer of the Bible could very well be deemed a violation of the law. Sound dramatic? It is. But this very threatening possibility. So, what do we do?

The same thing we've had to do with firearms and munitions. We buy and put away what we can. Sound stupid? Filling extra space with stacks of Bibles isn't something I have heard anything about. And not everyone would even consider it. In fact, most won't. But I believe that anyone who believes in the scripture and has their eyes open, should consider it. In the future, you may be one of a very few who will be able to share the word with a mostly-defeated world. And for any out there who may be atheist or agnostic, yet believe in religious freedom, perhaps a few pocket New Testaments could be used for barter in a real Mad Max scenario? Just sayin.

Here is a couple of easy things to remember about Bibles if you want to put some back. Firstly, they don't take up any more space than any other book. A nice tote or solid box could hold many. And be tucked away in a closet or under a bed. Also, one does not need to spend a fortune. Dollar Tree and other discount stores carry them often. Well, at least for now. You don't need to spend $30 for a leatherback Bibles with a full concordance. The paper and cardboard versions say the exact same thing. for a dollar or two. One could also invest in the much smaller pocket sized Bibles too. These are of course cheaper and many more could fit in a smaller space. For now, Bibles are cheap and easy to find. When they are outlawed, not so much. I've already started myself. If you've got space, a few dollars,  and are concerned about this, I suggest doing it too. Before you can't anymore.

Ok. I'm done now. I have to jump online and make a few communists mad with rage. It's kind of my hobby. Later, humans!

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