CoronaVirus (COVID19) Panic!!

There is an imminent danger brewing with this new strain of the CoronaVirus. But sadly, I am not talking about the virus itself. It will get taken under control at some point (maybe). The most immediate and real threat to the future of our species is, well, members of our species. Specifically the overwhelming numbers of complete morons. If you are guilty of any of the following, please kill yourself so the rest of us can deal with this virus problem calmly and quickly:

  1. Panic buying, specifically toilet paper, is the stupidest and most sheep-like thing someone can do!

  2. Listening to the media AT ALL makes no sense. They are fear mongers. That is what they do.

  3. Being scared of someone who is of Asian descent is not just unnecessary, it's completely moronic.

  4. Wearing any type of surgical or dust mask does absolutely nothing. I know, the celebrities are doing it. But let's face it, celebrities don't matter. In fact, an intelligent person would go out of their way to avoid doing anything that any famous person ever does.

  5. If you are in fact scared to death and refuse to be calm and educated, don't attempt to recruit others to your cause. Trying to make everyone around you as fearful as you are, could actually become a legal matter if you get someone hurt as a result of panicking. Just because you are a big vagina, doesn't mean you have the right to make anyone else turn into one.

Look, a guy in a scary mask!

Five is enough. I'll stop the list there. To stress my point of writing this: We need to stop the ridiculous behavior. Without a calm approach to dealing with this threat, it may very well be the end of us. Not the virus necessarily. The overreacting and scared masses of dumbed-down idiots do in fact pose the greatest threat to society. A scared idiot is a dangerous idiot. Oh, and don't watch the news. I know it was mentioned in my list. But seriously, don't do it! EVER! Get your information from the agencies who are overseeing this issue. And no, they are not involved in some world-wide conspiracy to thin the population.

The World Health Organization

The Center For Disease Control & Prevention

****NOTICE: An updated article is now published HERE. Although I still think that panic sheep are useless wastes of oxygen, other things have become apparent which also need addressed.****