Tyranny 2020

Using Engineered Fear to Control our Lives

Friday, March 20, 2020

"FEAR is the foundation of most governments" -john adams

This article, unfortunately, must be written. In my last short piece on the subject of the novel CoronaVirus, I pointed out one of our most serious problems: the fear sheep. And I still feel that way. If you are a panicking moron, read that article HERE for instructions on what to do with yourself.

However, the fear sheep are just one of the problems with this whole "pandemic". As things have progressed over the last several days, I was forced to look at alternatives to what the overlords were telling us. This was done as the sewage of fear and panic started to get shoveled on us at an ever increasing level. Well, a ridiculous over-the-top level, doubling in size when compared to previous weeks. And this got me thinking about something: Is it possible that conspiracy theorists are actually correct for a change? Was there an agenda all along to gain worldwide control of the populace? Well, I don't know for sure. But if we analyze a few points, it sure looks like it.

~They Have You Under Their Control!~

First, let me say that I do not have an opinion on the origin of the COVID19 virus. Some claim it was aliens. Some say it was some kind of biological weapon. Some people stick to the theory that American and Chinese authorities decided that it was time for some massive population control. Pick your poison. It doesn't matter. The fact is, the virus is here. (Although only slightly more dangerous than the common flu to those of us unconditioned non-sheep who still retain mathematical ability) And the governments of the world are taking advantage of it, whether it is manufactured or not.

They Control Your Travel Abilities! How many of you are staying home almost 24 hours a day? How many of you refuse to go for simple walks in the park? Or even run down to the gas station for a hot dog when you're craving one? Yea. Exactly. They have instilled fear of travel in people. Guess what? There are still a few of us who venture out daily. And I've not met a sick person yet. Not to mention that no state Government can violate the US Freedom of Movement Act. Well, except for when they use the 'M' word that basically strips people of their basic human rights. We'll get to that in a bit.

They Control Your Social Interactions!  First, 100 people were not permitted to be together. Then 50. Then 10. And now in most jurisdictions, no more than 5. It is also interesting that any kind of resistance to say, something illegal, would be easier to overcome with less like-minded people together to resist. Conditioning for that darn 'M' word again!

They Control Your Spending Habits! Panic buying is now the #1 activity of most Americans, especially the panic sheep. But what are people buying? (besides butt paper) They aren't buying lottery tickets, toys and games, electronics, or other staples of western society. They are buying bulk, easy to manufacture, cheap to produce CRAP. Economic instability isn't far behind when people are buying only 1 genre of product with all of their money. And guess what happens when the Economy fails? That's right!! The 'M' word!!

They Control Breeding! As weird as this sounds, think about it: people are much less likely to have sex when told that being near another person will guarantee them a meeting with the Reaper. This in itself does not have anything to do with the word that starts with that letter I keep talking about. It's just that it could be an obvious attempt at population control.

They Control Your Biology! Forced vaccinations anyone? It's likely coming. And sooner than we think. Oh, and don't forget that this vaccine will almost be 100% untested and notput through ANY REAL clinical trials. So, that's fun. But of course this will not take place until the 'M' word occurs.

The 'M' Word of the day is...Martial Law!

Or should it have been the "M.L." word? Oh well. Doesn't make a difference. Imagine a scenario:

You are "locked down", unable to move beyond the confines of your home's outer wall. In the street, armed soldiers in MOPP gear patrol, insuring that you remain a prisoner, isolated from the outside. You can never leave. Never see your loved ones. Never interact with humanity. Never go for a simple walk. If you so much as venture through your front door, you know you will be arrested or shot to death. On loud speakers, you hear constant echoing instructions. You are being driven insane. Occasionally, a sturdy knock at the door takes place. You look through the peep hole to see a person in a complete biosuit accompanied by some of the armed soldiers from the swarm in the street. You slowly open the door. The person in the biosuit points a device at your forehead and pulls a trigger. They then order you to shut the door and not to open it until they come back. Your temperature is normal. Others are not so lucky. Sometimes, you can see the soldiers drag people into a transport. And sometimes, these poor souls are beaten or subdued with handcuffs. Like the annoying loud speakers outside, every program on the television echoes the same irritating jargon: false reassurances from your tyrannical Governor about "unity in these trying times" and "someday we will look back on this and be proud".

What do you do? How can you escape? You've weighed these questions out in your head many times. Staying in your prison, you know it is just a matter of time before they come for you. Come for everyone. You cannot resist. The guns were taken in the first sweep when the tyrannical Governor initiated Martial Law. Those who resisted the gun grab were shot instantly. You gave yours up out of understandable fear. Still, you have to do something. But what???

That scenario I just laid out could very well happen. SOON. But rest assured, I did not write this to alarm anyone. Remember the fear sheep? Yea, they are pretty much useless at this point. We can't afford to start acting like them. No, I wrote this to put forth a possible upcoming scenario. So what do we do about it?


And of course, anyone who doesn't fall inline with the rest of the flock, will be listed as an outlaw and most likely pursued with deadly force. But strangely, the restrictions placed on us, are not placed on members of the Government. Interesting. Bye.