A losing-weight-because-being-fat-sucks journey

As I approached the old age of 40ish, I realized that things stopped working as well as they used to. I started to develop "old people" problems such as aches and pains, digestive struggles, and most importantly, weight gain. Especially in the stomach and breast area. Then a few years later, I was struck with a double blow as both my parents passed away in the same year. This resulted in depression, which led to even more physical ailments and more weight gain. After some time, when the emotional pain subsided, I was stuck with a huge body. Not huge as in King Kong Bundy huge (you old people like me probably know who I am talking about), but huge enough to make me extremely self conscious about it. Not just that, but being older, I realized that the damage left by depression and quite honestly some laziness, was gong to be harder to undo. BUT...

Something in my mind recently started telling me that this can't be. Maybe its the constant begging from my doctors to lose weight. Perhaps it the fact that I am starting to notice simple tasks like getting up from bed require a slight rollover move to accomplish. Maybe its because my fiance is expressing concern. Or maybe its God yelling at the top of his lungs into my soul to stop being a gluttonous mammoth. Likely though, its a combination of these things. Oh, and the fact that the weight makes me feel terrible too. Anyway, I am going to fix this. In fact, I am so dead-set on doing it, that I just changed the subtitle from "A losing-weight-because-being-fat-sucks ATTEMPT", to ""A losing-weight-because-being-fat-sucks JOURNEY". And honestly, it has already started. I've only lost a few pounds. But I need to drop 60 more. At least. Its on!!!

So I will begin to record the things I am doing to accomplish this here. Consider this kind of like a weight loss log. I'll be using this page on my site as a tool to chart my progress and will update it as I go along. My hope is, that at the end of a couple months or so (if we haven't gone full Mad Max by then), I can start to see some real progress and have the info organized enough to perhaps help someone else who is in the same or similar situation.


The first step I have taken up to this point, is to stop ingesting foods that contribute to my flabbiness. I have been able to do this for a couple of weeks now, without any cravings or anything. Some people may have a struggle with this. We all have foods that we love. And some even have "comfort foods", which give emotional stability. If you are of this latter group, I would suggest looking for alternatives that give simulated satisfaction.

But as for myself, this was not a problem. Surprising since these items were consumed by me often. Anyway, the two things I gave up completely were bread and candy. At almost every meal, I was eating either a sandwich, using dipping bread for stews and soups, or eating something with a bread crust. I began to notice that I got really bloated after meals. After reading an article about someone with a similar problem, and that the removing of bread helped them, I tried it. Sure enough. Within about 2 days of no bread, the bloating went almost completely away. Something else I discovered is that there is a way to make "bread" using Paleo-approved ingredients, just in case you have a craving. It works pretty good in case you want to try. I found the recipe HERE.

As far as the candy, I just thought it would be common sense to give it up. I had a habit of keeping it on hand wherever I was. There was a bowl at work, a bag in my tackle box, a box in my car, etc. I threw it all in the garbage. And again, maybe I am lucky, but the cravings haven't been too bad. I guess there could be a problem for some people who eat candy often. Especially if hey have a diabetic-type illness. So if you do and want to give up candy, please speak to a medical professional, of which I am nooooo not.

The last change I made was to make sure I had finished my last meal by no later than 6:00 pm. I had a bad habit of not just eating bread and candy, but eating other things too later at night when I am bored. So I stopped for the most part. I have learned that keeping celery and cucumbers on hand works to stave off cravings. These foods are almost zero calories and drinking water or tea with them helped me a couple of nights when I felt like I absolutely HAD to have something. But for the most part, I have very little trouble not eating after 6. As I forge this into a permanent habit, it will likely get easier.

So, there we have it for my first installment. I simply gave up bread, candy, and stopped eating anything after 6:00 pm. After 2 weeks, a couple of pounds are gone. Not too impressive, I know. But hey, gotta start somewhere.

I'll try to do updates as I add something, remove something, or have a weight change to report. The only thing to say now is that I am going to force an increase in activity. Thus far, I've only changed some eating habits. Slow and steady is the best way I feel to force myself into a new lifestyle. It's been 2 weeks, so time to implement another factor. I'll report on this after I figure out a schedule and see how it is making a difference after a few days. Later!

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