More Covid Stupidity

Ok. One more article about this Covid retardation, then I'm back to writing about important stuff.

For more than a year now, it has been demonstrated that the human race is done. Bought, paid for, and programmed. When this Covid fear first began prior to last Spring, the signs were already there. And those few of us who could see right through the deception called it what it was: A power grab intended to force people into subservience. From the very beginning, we could see exactly what was unfolding. We tried to warn people. But it was too late. The media, medical establishment, entertainment industry, and crooked governments had already unleashed their plan, and it was working too good. So good in fact, that they didn't really have to do anything aside from feeding little tidbits of misinformation and accusations to the populace from time to time. The slaves were doing the work for them....willingly. Allow me to explain it in another way.

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