Become a Wolf

pushing back against the sheep populace

I was in a store shopping for a few more essentials before the upcoming enslavement by our local dictator. You see, the often inaccurate testing mechanism (just ask about the papaya and goat test) has arrived, which will increase the number of supposed "cases", giving the local gestapo the fake authority to treat us like prisoners. Anyway, I was in this store buying some ammo, a few first aid supplies, and some long-term storeable food. At the end of the aisle opposite myself, a young  man entered. But O M G! He didn't follow the directional arrow made from the tape on the floor! This obvious serial murderer didn't obey! He's going to get us all killed! Everyone in the entire store is now going to drop dead from the dreaded Covid-19! RUN!!! Well, that is at least close to the response he received from a very ridiculous subservient sheep who happened to be passing by. This woman reamed the poor kid, accusing him of being as she put it, a "selfish piece of dog sh%$".  I can only assume that the whole 'selfish' thing had to also do with the fact that the supposed violator was not wearing the slave indicator. The woolly ones love laying their virtue signalling on as many people as possible. Anyway...

The kid was obviously a shy person. He didn't know what to say, and tried to mutter an apology. This was met with another sheep tactic. I call it the "I am better than you, so stop speaking" technique. They often use this to avoid any talk of facts, real numbers, or common sense which may threaten their flock superiority. At this point, the kid was obviously intimidated. As she continued berating this poor young person, he attempted over and over to apologize, his voice becoming more shaky. The sheep's baaaaah just became louder and more belligerent. She sure looked proud of herself. Standing there in all of her fat, snobby rich-looking glory, scaring the crap out of a teenager. I couldn't take it anymore. And anyone who knows me, knows  that I don't back down from filthy flock animals. I cannot repeat what I said to this giganti-sheep. But when it was over, the wooly Orca had left the store. And didn't purchase a thing. She even left her cart lying in the aisle, abandoning it. She had to flee the waves of truth I was throwing at her. I did it! I saved someone from a sheep onslaught! And I will gladly do it again.

And that's the point. I am more than willing to push back. I don't start the trouble. But when a member of the mask cult thinks they can run off their mouth without consequence, I sorely disappoint them. Remember this: without these slave sheep acting the way they do, we wouldn't be in our predicament. The Government takes away rights. And the sheep gladly and immediately obey without question. The worst part is, their weak obedience and willingness to give in directly affects the rest of us. As more and more humans graduate into the flock, more basic rights are stripped away.

Sadly, the sheep have become almost militaristic in their verbal assaults against free people. And even more sadly, the majority of non-sheep just take it. They talk tough to friends and family. And maybe even online hiding behind their keyboards. However, when approached by an aggressive pasture dweller, they fold. They give in and stand there, looking stupid with their head hung in shame. All this while the words "baaaaaah, baaaah!" echo in their ears.

We need to push back and take what's ours! We need to stop playing their stupid little covid fear game. Until we do, the flock will continue to grow in intensity and in size, until there are few wolves remaining. And that's the point. Be a wolf. Not a wolf in sheep's clothing either. Be a proud predator among the sheep. No need to hide.  Become the wolf. And realize that sheep are supposed to be scared of us. Not the other way around.

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