How Fear Has Defeated Logic

You should be ashamed of yourselves, Ohio!

This country was not founded on fear and submission. In fact, the very reason we have historically been referred to as the "home of the brave" is because American colonists had balls of titanium. Facing overwhelming odds with very little supplies or know-how, our ancestors stared the world's largest Army in the face in defiance. Sure, there was some natural underlying fear. But they ignored it. They had to. And in the end, they forged a new nation. (shutup, BLM and Antifa terrorist pieces of filth! It's true and you know it!)

Fast forward to today. And look around you. Even going back to the days prior to the fake pandemic, there was a trend in place. A trend which would serve to destroy us. That trend is total wimpiness. A complete 180 from our warrior ancestors who laid the smackdown on King George. From slathering our kids in hand sanitizers, to whining protests based on hurt feelings, to people finding offence in things as mundane as 1 + 1 = 2, we have become a nation of completely useless weaklings. And in line with these ridiculous facts, is fear. People are scared of dirt. They fear touching anything without access to a decontamination chemical of some sort. Grown "adults" lose sleep over a cut scene in a horror video game. Places of employment are being forced to supply employees with psychiatrists to talk about their fearful feelings. Etc, etc, etc.

And so, with the majority of people living in the now popularized fear culture, it isn't surprising that they so quickly joined the flock when Covid came to be.

At first, maybe some alarm was warranted. This was a new thing. Doctors and scientists did not yet know what they were dealing with. But over the months of this "pandemic", a lot has been discovered. The researchers overwhelmingly report that the situation is not that dire. In fact, as more testing is performed, we are discovering that many more people have the virus. Yet, the death rate continues to plummet. This indicator that the virus is not as lethal as first suspected should be good news. It should be celebrated. Yet, the fear and Government tyranny continue. Why?

Fear culture. That's why. People who were easy to condition in the first place, can not be unconditioned. Especially when it comes to their favourite hobby of being afraid. Various state Tyrants have clamped down. Because the cult of fearful sheep have allowed it. The lack of courage in these sheep is proudly flaunted while encouraging others to join them. And many have joined them on a massive scale. People have flocked together, virtue signalling their proud allegiance to the idea of erasing liberty. There is no logic in their cult-like mentality. But it doesn't matter. Fear trumps all else. And as Tyrants enforce their ever-increasing illegal mandates on the populace, the fear slaves don't just obey without question. They also go on the attack, sometimes physically, to enforce their overlord's demands onto those who dare to think logically or question things.

As for me, I'm done. I'm done trying to point out facts to the cowardly citizenry. I am finished attempting to show people the research proving that covid is not that bad. They refuse to look at the real numbers anyway. Instead, they listen to their owners who cherry pick the doctors with the most dire opinions, while censoring countless others who dare have a positive, fearless outlook. I am over attempting in vain to show absolute evidence that mask wearing does no good against respiratory illnesses. Again, because the cherry picked fear mongers are who the sheep WANT to listen to. They WANT to wear their symbols of oppression, while attempting to shame others into doing the same. I am finished. It would be vanity on my part to think I can change the minds of those who are brainwashed.

But the fight is not over, oh dear 4 or 5 readers out there worldwide who follow me (hi, whoever you are in Ecuador)! Just because I am no longer going to share links or write to sheep in an attempt to show people the truth, doesn't mean that I am giving up. No. This battle has now intensified and escalated to the next level. That's all. For those of us wolves who remain, we need to push back. Rather than trying to de-sheepify, it's probably best that I share information among ourselves to strengthen our cause. The Governments in various jurisdictions are blatantly breaking the law. Our constitution is being erased day by day. We need to start networking. A couple of you already are (thanks for the support from the BHCC). Moving forward, I will be putting together petitions, flyers, and jurisdictional information to assist anyone who wants to get involved. This may be a separate feature from my articles on this site. Feel free to come back and check the heading on the homepage from time to time until it is posted. (Unless you are a sheep. In which case you should probably kill yourself)


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