I have Covid-19. So what?

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to disrespect people who have passed or the family/friends of victims. But we have to face facts. And when dealing with facts, the numbers show the truth. This virus is not lethal to over 99% of people who get infected. But the world has reacted to it based solely on fear mongering and brain washing. As a Covid-19 infected person, this is just my take on it based on personal experience and research. Hate it if you wish.

Last week, I began to feel a little woozy. It all started with slight body aches. This quickly escalated into what I would call severe body aches, along with an increasing inability to get warm. Basically, I was coming down with something. However, on the morning prior to the symptoms, I received a flu shot for some unknown reason. (the doc kept asking until I gave in) So, I attributed these symptoms to my body having some kind of reaction to the shot, as some report. I went on with my life. 3 days later, the symptoms were still there and seemingly weren't getting any better. Under the advice of my management at work, I went to the clinic for a very annoying and painful Covid nose swab. The next day, I received the "dreaded" news: I was Covid positive! OMG! I JUST RECEIVED A DEATH SENTENCE! Oh wait. That's the media version. Mine is more like "Ok. Whatever. I'm going back to bed now".

And so, I am at home, recovering from the least lethal virus in human history. (GASP! That is sooooo not the official narrative! How dare I!) Of course, naturally you wouldn't know it, based on the sheepulace reaction as well as our so-called "health authorities". This is the story so far as a Covid infectee, of the stupidity I've had to deal with on top of trying to get rid of this stupid bug.

The Government douches

My experience with members of our local overpaid and obviously way under-schooled mini-tyrant wannabes, is basically the same as most who went through this Covid thing: Annoying stupidity that must be designed for the sole purpose of enraging "victims" of this China virus. Not only does one receive immediate threats right out of the gate, they also get lectured about how lack of cooperation would get Grandma, Grandpa, uncle, aunt, cousin's brother's former roommate's great uncle's second cousin's fiance's older uncle's brother's wife killed. Ok. Slight exaggeration. The point is, that the immediate lecturing is beyond annoying. In fact, the very idea of being talked to like I am a child by anyone is downright insulting. Especially before the real questioning even begins. As an adult, I am more than capable of doing what is necessary to protect people from this virus, the flu or anything else. I stay away from others, and warn anyone I've recently been around. That should be enough. But nooooooo. The Health "authorities" decided that we are all a bunch of school children who need to be immediately chastised and threatened in order to force cooperation, rather than having anything which resembles civil discourse. Homie don't play dat. This strategy may work on some commie libtard or soyboy weakling who worships Fauci, but not on me. I explained this to the Gestapo contact tracer right before I told her to lose my number and hung up. Naturally, the SS member attempted to call me 3 more times, at which point I went ahead and blocked the number. I am now awaiting a form letter of some sort in the mail soaked in Government tears. I am in need of some more paper for my shredder to make some more worm bedding anyway.

The Unholy Covid Cult

Being as how I am not around others, there have not been too many people I have run into. I did see my neighbor outside while taking out garbage and let him know. (don't worry sheep. It was from a distance) However, he is a lot like me. It's more of a so what type attitude. But I did make the mistake of mentioning on a certain forum which I will not list here, that I had Covid and still went hiking. The response? OMG, the humanity! I "violated" quarantine by leaving my bedroom! Even though I was out literally miles away from another human! And a couple of people on the forum threatened to tell the previously mentioned tax-stealing douches of my "crime". Whatever. Knock yourselves out I say. But this is a common theme from the Covid Cult. They don't care about common sense. The whole idea of quarantine, is to remain segregated from other humans until the pathogen is no longer infectious. I accomplished that just fine. But this attitude all boils down to the same problem we've had since the beginning: It's not about health and safety. It's about compliance. I can easily accomplish the goal of not endangering anyone else to this overblown chest cold without imprisoning myself in 4 walls for half a month. But that doesn't matter. I didn't obey. That's it. That's all that counts. I didn't do as I was told. I still protected others, which has nothing to do with compliance. My goal of protecting people from this virus, and the "health authority's" goal of forcing blind obedience are not the same thing. And the members of the unholy cult who worship the CDC, pray several times a day to their shrine of Fauci, and touch themselves when they see some idiot wearing 8 masks, will never hesitate to tattle in order to feed their need to virtue signal. Here I am, going out of my way to protect others by refusing to be near people. Yet, there are many who don't care. They only care that I am not acting like a prisoner. Pathetic.

The Drug Pushers

Of course, I am talking about the pseudo vaccines here. And no, these shots are not really a vaccine.  They are more like a cellular-modifying drug than an actual vaccine. Ask a doctor. Anyway, these poisonous concoctions are being preached about to us more and more lately. The Governments, media, and just about any other dishonest immoral organization out there now are doing this, not unlike the crack pusher down the street hanging out by the basketball court. And trust me, once you get Covid, these idiots think they've got you. I've already had people from the health care field state the oh-so-expected "I bet you'll get the vaccine now" to me. This, as if I am your typical media fear slave who is going to run right out and poison myself like this experience put the fear in me or something. Ummmmm, nope. Ain't gonna happen. Let me put it to you this way: The chances of surviving this virus I have sits at the time of this blog at right around 99.987%. In other words, the lethality risk is less than one half of one percent. Now, the number of people who died from the vaccine in America just surpassed 3,000 victims (although your propagandist media desperately plays it down).  I wonder how many of them would have survived, had they just got the virus instead? Let's do the approximate math.....2999.61 would have survived. In other words, statistically,none of those people would have likely died. The last time I checked, injecting someone with poison which kills is a felony. It's murder. Oh, but of course your overlords refuse to allow a liability clause for some weird reason. Cute, huh?

So there you have it. These were my experiences with a few annoying things surrounding the reaction of people to this relatively weak virus.

It's sad that the entire world was ruined for the sake of populace control. And in reality, that's what happened. The filthy slave sheep have been generated, programmed, and honed over the past year by the media, medical establishment, and Government institutions to become completely submissive. The ability to think for themselves and use logic and reasoning to navigate even the most benign of life's functions has been made null and void. Now, people listen to anything they are told, no matter how ridiculous. They've accepted the idea that we all need to be tracked, traced, and injected. They've surrendered their children's future. And they've given up their very humanity. Of course there was a purpose. The less human we become, the more expendable we are. The Principalities knew what they were doing. And 90% of the human race fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. As is prophecy I suppose....

Oh, that reminds me: If you fear this virus more than God, then may God have mercy on your soul. Just sayin. I do not often speak in 'religious' terms. But the truth is the truth.

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