Cavemen Didn't Need Cabelas

(No knock on Cabelas. Its a great store and good people. I just suck at titles)

Cavemanning can be fun. What I am talking about, is the non-reliance on ANY mass produced/manufactured item while out in the woods. Learning to do everything like our tribal ancestors did can be fun, interesting, and just may save your life some day.  With this site being back online, I want to use it to share some knowledge I have about these things. But although most of the time I like to delve into the ancestral past, on occasion I might feel futuristic and want to review some equipment of some type or produce a how-to of sorts with modern "Prepper" type things. (maybe even some scary ghost stuff? haha) Either way, I do enjoy sharing what I've learned.

I grew up "playing caveman". Hunting, fishing, trapping, and of course, archaic archery. My late father taught me many useful skills. And I practice them today. Even though Cavemanning is not necessary. But I don't care. Its fun! Its a great feeling to take a walk into the woods with nothing but a flint knife, knowing that I don't have to worry about where my lunch is going to come from. I'll find it in the water, the foliage, and the ground. Once you learn enough about how to harvest nature's buffet, you will never have to be hungry in the woods. Same with where to sleep. Once one learns enough about shelter building, they can have a pretty functional shelter up in a short amount of time. Waterproofing takes a little longer, but it isn't difficult. As far as warmth, having the knowledge of how to start a fire with no material on you, is a real stress-reducer. Fire can be difficult at times. But with practice, one can become quite skillful in sparking a drill fire. All of these things could be considered "survival skills". I guess that could be true with the whole saving-your-life thing in certain circumstances. But for me, I don't consider any of this to be a survival skill. Practicing Caveman skills are just one of my favorite hobbies.

In the coming days, I'll be working on some articles about a range of things. I might start with my upcoming trout fishing trip planned for the weekend. I'm using string I made from yucca, gorge hook made from bone sliver, and turkey feather tied and frayed to act like a fly. Don't know if this will work. If it doesn't I'll just have to write about something else.

But anyway, here is my site. I don't know why I got rid of it in the first place. Writing is enjoyable. Even if the site visitor stats hover right around 5 per week. haha! I don't care. If 5 people want to read it, then its worth writing. For now, I have to go. Y'all take care. Yap at ya later!

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