America is chock full 'o Racists!

and no, I am not talking about those douchey KKK people

Black Lives Matter

This article will likely spark some controversy. Not because of the content itself. But because of the times we find ourselves living in. Long gone are the days of free speech. Extinct is the concept of freedom of expression. Well, that is, unless your beliefs align with the forced narrative. But I'll leave this article up. At least as long as the Communist tech cowards allow it.

Racism. It's a word we hear everywhere. On the news broadcasts, social media, print mediums, you name it. And while terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter claim ownership of the word, they have free reign to enforce their own brand of it. With their actions being ALWAYS VIOLENT, people are reluctant to point out their racist agenda. Companies and groups of all kinds have given into the Black Supremacists' demands, demonstrating their submission to the thugs. People across this country are kneeling before their aggressors, many out of fear. Some out of treasonous stupidity. Regardless, Black Lives Matter and groups like it do not stand for racial equality. They don't care about freedom. They don't want good relations among different peoples. They want domination and the destruction of an entire group of humans, based solely on the color of their skin. Racism in a nutshell. And we all know it! But most refuse to admit it.

The very word 'racism' and it's variants have been weaponized by these groups as well. Speak out against their violent temper tantrums, you are a racist. But you don't even need to speak out. Things like 'institutional racism', 'programmed racism', and even the oh-so-overused 'white privilege' are terms meant to accuse people who are not behaving like racists, of being racist. Black Lives Matter have used these tactics since the beginning as an excuse to brand all whites as the same thing . In other words, accuse someone of a stereotype based on their race. Another problem arises with this practice. Once a person is seen as subhuman, it becomes much easier to destroy their lives or become violent toward them. And we certainly are aware of how that is turning out.

The point of this short article was not just to rant. It was to simply point out the truth that everyone already knows, but many refuse to address. Black Lives Matter is indeed a racist organization. Their tactics of violence, threats, and intimidation to force a political narrative is also the exact definition of a terrorist organization. Basically, we are dealing with Racist Terrorists. They kind of remind me of someone else:

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