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Groomer School Watch

Schools have become increasingly unsafe. The push for 'inclusion' from the leftist cults and sodomy worshipers has escalated and transformed. No longer is it about "equal rights". It's now about brainwashing the children. Get 'em while they are young, mentally undeveloped, and impressionable. But it isn't just a "boys can love boys and girls can love girls" thing, which is bad enough to fill a young mind with. Its advanced into a realm of extreme sexual perversion. They are not just trying to teach the children to "accept" alternative lifestyles. They are actually sexualizing and therefore grooming the children. The intent is to transform generations of little ones into perverted sex-crazed homosexuals. This is why there are so many "drag queen" events at schools. And not just any events. But crossdressers appearing in lingerie rubbing themselves and dry humping a stripper pole. If these schools were just simply allowing a gay or transgendered author or something like that to come in and speak, that would be one thing. But they aren't. Instead, they are bringing in drag queens to perform as if they are in a strip club. And some schools have taken it upon themselves to teach gay sex methods to young children via books. In this list, I will include any and all schools that are confirmed to be in the business of grooming the children. I will list the schools with location, contact information, and what happened to get them on my list. This way, parents can be informed (well, the 2 or 3 that will see this) and maybe "reach out" to these evil indoctrination centers in their own ways. Enjoy: