Sheep Rant: Episode II

Starting recently, the tyrant king of my current state, as well as the brutal dictators of others, have begun to slowly open up certain areas of business. One would think that with the economy basically starting to open up, that the sheep would start to calm down. It would seem as though the virtue signaling and fear mongered behavior would dissipate. But, NOPE! The woolly ones have gained a new sense of being some kind of royalty. They have ascended in their minds to almost a god-like status. After really thinking about this, I think I have an answer as to why.

It is a well known FACT to those of us non-sheep that this COVID-19 thing has been blown way out of proportion. Regular sheep just don't get it. And never will. However, there has been a certain segment of the sheep population who were not permitted to graze. These are the people who have in fact been quarantined in their homes. They were unable to leave the confines of their prisons for the last 2 months. The only information they got from the outside, came to them in the form of fake tv news reports and censored social media stories. Naturally, this means that the fear mongering was laid on extra thick to these already mindless flock members. And now, they have been released. They now wonder about in agonizing, almost paralyzing fear. Everyone is infected in their minds. Everyone is dangerous. You can't hold a conversation, or you'll die. If you linger in a store for more than 5 minutes, you'll die. If anyone approaches within 100 miles who is not wearing a face mask, you'll die. etc etc.

This has accelerated the aggressiveness of the mask-clad slaves. It has heightened their arrogance and self-righteousness. We are literally to the point where we are seeing physical violence. And they think it is justifiable, all because they are praised by their fellow morons for beingsniveling cowards.

For instance, there is one female sheep who is taking an aggressive stance against anyone else who is not shaking in fear. This idiot takes a 6 meter stick, walks onto a bike trail, and attempts to "teach people a lesson" by waving and flailing it in people's faces. This is happening in England, but I am fairly certain this is illegal assault in pretty much any jurisdiction. Then again, sheep don't care. They are so full of themselves and honestly believe, in their arrogance, that they have a sacred duty. They think they alone can dictate to others what to wear and how to act in a free society. Again, all based on their own cowardice and fear. "Be as me because I said so".  Watch the video here:

This behavior is everywhere. In NYC, a Woman was punched for not wearing a mask. Or how about this Man who was attacked in the grocery store for not wearing a mask? Oh, and I really love it when the sheep's heroes, the cops, physically assault citizens for not wearing masks. While at the same time, not wearing masks themselves.

The point is, these sheep are out of control. And it will continue to get worse as more are released from their pins. So what do we do about it? I'll end today's rant with a few ideas:

1. We stop being so timid. If we are assaulted, we do something about it. If one of these idiots places their hands on you or threatens you in any way, you've got a lawsuit! For some reason, no one seems to want to do anything about it.

2. We could start fighting fire with fire. And although this is an infantile response, or would be in most peoples' eyes, it may work. Maybe we need to start mocking them. Maybe we need to start following them around in public and embarrassing them. Maybe we need to start putting out signs to mock these sheep. Or go on social media to generate as much hate as we can toward them. Like I said, infantile. But may work. That's what they are doing. Apparently that method works for someone.

3. We need to stop supporting pro-sheep businesses. And not just during this time period. Forever! If any store, park, museum or any other business decide to make it mandatory for customers to wear the slave mask, we stop spending our money there. And let's not stop there. Let the business know that is your intention and why. Forcing someone to wear an article of clothing that has shown no evidence it prevents any illness, is not a good way to conduct business. It is just fear mongering. Or better yet, catering to sheep by making them feel better. Never give these cowards a dime of your hard earned money.

This ends my rant for today. I'll be back perhaps with a part 3. I have to go out now...without my mask. Later, homeslices.

© Copyright Archaic Archer