Wrath of the Angry Sheep

a special Archaic Archer rant about a disgustingly stupid animal

As the "pandemic" rears it's ugly, media-induced head, a new type of human has come to the forefront. That type of human is the subservient slave sheep. It's actually kind of astonishing really. These people have outsheeped the sheep themselves.

See, the animal known as sheep is just dumb. That's it. They do whatever the rest of the flock is doing because that is all they know. They follow the crowd in all things. If the flock goes this way, so does the individual. If the flock starts to drink water, they all drink water, thirsty or not. When the shepherd walks one direction, they all immediately walk in the same direction without question. If a sheep does wander off the path for whatever reason, the sheep dog forces it back to where it belongs. But this is where the similarities between animal sheep and human sheep end.

The human sheep does everything the flock does too. Without question, they immediately and enthusiastically perform all life functions in whichever manner their shepherd, or Government in this case, tells them to. And if any do slightly stray, there's the Government's sheep dog (the media) waiting in the wings to push them back into line with scare tactics. See? Just like animal sheep. The difference: Human sheep choose to be part of a flock!

But it gets worse. Not only do human sheep choose to be human sheep. They also infuse themselves with the attitude of superiority. In other words, they honestly believe that the act of behaving like a good little slave, entitles them to the right of talking down on people who choose to ignore the flock mentality and actually think for themselves. This behaviour becomes a duty of sorts in the mind of these human livestock. And they are getting more aggressive with their rhetoric.

For instance, a friend and myself were shopping at a local store. In this store, they still had an aquarium section with fish. We stopped to look. Approximately 20 feet away in the next isle, there stood an obvious fear-mongered sheep. This woman was clad head to toe in garbage bags, duct taped to gardening gloves. On her face was the usual face mask (that probably shouldn't be worn anyway. Ask a scientist.), and a pair of goggles. This was very noticeable. Also a little comical. But I don't care really. It isn't in my interest, unlike a sheep, to tell someone how to dress. Even when it is that ridiculous.

Anyway, this woman noticed that we had stopped to look at the fish. This triggered a very obnoxiously loud response from this idiot. Something along the lines of "We are in the middle of a Pandemic, and you two think it's safe to look at fish, rather than conducting your business and getting out. And your not even wearing protective clothing! Stop trying to get us all killed! I hope you both die from the virus!".

The quote wasn't exact. But the context is there. Sadly, this was not the first time I have received the same type of self-righteous hate from these cowards. I am not the only one either. This is becoming a trend across this nation. Stories are generated daily about similar problems from members of the flock attacking and belittling non-sheep. The army of owned woolly slaves will stop at nothing to enforce their fear on everyone around them. And it's not just the yelling like 2 bit morons in public. there are numerous cases where property was damaged, people were assaulted, and let's not forget the Nanny State participants who go out of their way to get their neighbours arrested and/or fined for not being as scared as they are. The list goes on and on.

So, let us talk briefly about some of the ridiculous covid19 fear related incidents:

Sheep are on the attack when they see joggers without a mask on, even though these runners are often on trails and bike paths many more yards away from others than even the 'social distancing' requirements suggest one to be. This is just ludicrous. And it shows how stupid the woolly ones truly are!

Civilians participating in enforcement. In New York, as with many other cities across the globe, sheep are being rewarded for tattling on others. Ripe for abuse, this system of instructing people to tell on their neighbours is an old-world tactic. A Nazi Germany tactic. And the sheep love it!

Some stores are facing the flock wrath! This is going on in just about every area of the country. Sheep are so scared of people going out, that they are physically damaging store property in order to discourage others from going outside to shop. This is the dumbest of the sheepisms, as it requires them to go out in order to commit these crimes. Well, as this article points out, we can't exactly expect logic from these useless skin bags.

There are many more examples. One has to dig online in order to find them though, as the censorship now is at an all-time high. (More on that later) But all one needs to do, is look around. These sheep are the biggest threat to our way of life. No virus can possibly cause as many problems as the panic has. And the flock thrives on panic and fear. They are getting more brazen with it too. They are trying to infect all around them with their own virus. A fear virus. And in doing so, they are attempting to destroy humanity, forcing us into a subservient slave state. We need to start pushing back....HARD!

And to all of the sheep out there, I know what you're saying while you sit there shaking your head in hatred. So I'll go ahead and answer your questions. This will save you from needing to break your keyboards while typing in anger on the contact form on my homepage:

Dear Sheep,

Yes, I am aware that some people have died from COVID19. I never said they didn't and that this virus does not suck donkey butts. (although your inflation of the death rate is still ridiculous) The virus is real. And it needs to be dealt with. And just because I refuse to fall victim to the flock mentality, does not mean that I feel no remorse for those who have passed. Nor does it mean that I don't pity their families/friends. Of course it's sad! Death is never a fun thing to deal with, no matter how it is caused! However, the very fact that you dwell on your new hobby of fear mongering, while ignoring facts is sickening. We have serious problems with many things due to people like you giving in to the media and Government's tyrannical demands without using your God-given right of free speech and free thinking to analyze the situation first. You have betrayed your fellow man, squandering others' freedoms and rights, all because you chose fear over logic. When you refuse to stand up to obvious lies, and obvious excuses to control a free people, you are just as guilty as the Draconian rulers. YOU are allowing it to happen. And as far as the idea that free thinkers are putting others at risk for not behaving, let's look at something else: How many people have died from medical neglect? How many more are going to develop cancer because they have not been permitted to have diagnostic testing done? How many people have taken their own lives after being imprisoned in their own homes, unable to see friends or family? How many ailing parents and grandparents are being forced to starve to death and die alone? How many children are being abused due to forced lockdown with a child molester? How many people have been killed as a result of increased criminal activity and lack of police presence? How many, sheep? Huh? I can guarantee you one thing. I can confidently state that the victims of the panic FAR SUPERSEDE THE CORONAVIRUS DEATH NUMBERS! And I think that deep down, you know it. But you won't change. You'll still prance around in your homemade biosuits, hating on anyone who doesn't enslave themselves to your level. You will still gladly give up your Civil Liberties, while doing your best to destroy the rights of all of us. All of this out of fear and cowardice. You, sheep, are a useless human being. A pile of dung who doesn't deserve to suck air on this planet.

© Copyright 2020 Archaic Archer