Archaic Archer's Sheep Identification Field Guide

America has a serious human livestock problem. How to identify the common subservient sheep.

The term "sheep" has been used in recent months at an increased level. That is because the fake pandemic has brought forth these slaves in record numbers. Not just that, but the fear-mongering media has instilled in said livestock a sense of pride . Pride that has spiraled out of control and morphed into a sheep cult. A self-righteous, virtue-signalling high priest cult of losers who hate freedom.

But how do we know if someone is truly recruited into the flock? In this guide, I will provide you with some characteristics which may confirm that sheepism is present.

Sheep indicator #1: The Mask

Some people do indeed have medical conditions. A compromised immune system, for instance, may require someone to wear a mask in public. Or maybe someone has a hair lip or something. But a sheep is different. See, sheep not only wear  masks, they openly brag about it. On social media, their profile pictures feature the mask. In conversations, they talk about all the best places to buy them with the wonderful deals they get on their slave merchandise. And the worst woolly habit of all: they feel obligated to tell all those around them how terrible they if they are not wearing one. (virtue signalling) Not all people who wear masks are sheep. But all sheep do wear masks.

Sheep indicator #2: The Eyes

The common sheep is a fearful, pitiful being. When "risking" venturing out into the post-apocalyptic wasteland (in their programmed minds) to get supplies, their eyes give them away every time. If a sheep is approached, especially by a non-sheep, their eyes tell it all. They get as big around as saucers. And while fearfully backing away from their perceived infected threat, the eyes are often on  the verge of leaking. Keep pressuring the sheep, and it could be Niagara Falls. Watch the eyes closely. The window to the soul sometimes says "baaaaaaaaah".

Sheep indicator #3: Gloves

As with the mask, there could be a legitimate medical reason for someone to wear gloves. Allergies, or sensitivities to environmental pollutants maybe. But c'mon. Seriously. Let's be real about this. If someone is wearing a mask AND gloves to shop at Walmart, they are almost certain to be a pasture dweller. And if they are doing it while driving alone inside their vehicle, the odds are 100%.

Sheep indicator #4: The Memorized Indoctrinated Phrases

For most of us, we hate the Communist-esque social engineered catch phrases. "flatten the curve", "we're all in this together", "social distancing", "the new normal", etc. But to a sheep, these annoying phrases are as holy as scripture. And they are not shy to CONSTANTLY repeat them at every opportunity. And as with the mask, one version or another may be posted on their social media pages. Sheep love the flock mentality. So by default, they absolutely adore mindless memorized instructions for the subservient masses.

So there you have it. 4 good indicators that an individual is likely infused into the sheep populace. Oh, one more thing: Don't try to argue with a sheep. They don't like facts, non-inflated death stats, and mentions of rights. In fact, I don't think they can comprehend all that. Be kind to animals who are dumber than you . It's the right thing to do. They can't help it.

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