The Human Race is so screwed!

Part one: The stupid is starting to show

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Disclaimer: I do not believe that 100% of any generation is guilty of whatever stereotype is discussed about them. In this article I am talking about majority percentages. So stop crying before you even get started, youngster!

I was recently approached by a young man about a problem with a machine. He was having an issue with an older piece of equipment and was getting frustrated because said equipment was, in his words "insanely difficult to use". So I took some time to instruct him on a couple of shortcuts as well as an easier way to enter some little code snippets into the system. Still frustrated for some reason, he said "thanks but if someone of my generation created this, it would be tons better. Older people are stupider than us". By the word "us", I could only assume he thought I was in the same age bracket. Maybe I look young. But I am in reality old enough to be his father. Anyway, this really made me think.  Because this is not the first time I've heard something like this idiotic expression from the newer generations. For simplicity, let's just refer to them as "Zoomers" for the remainder of the article.

Another comment I have heard, is that these zoomers like to think they are somehow vastly superior all because they are basically wired 24/7 into their tech. Phrases like "We know everything because we have Google", and, "Why learn how to write on paper when we have touch screens? Stupid Boomer!" (I was actually told this exact thing when one of these babies watched me write notes in cursive) are common place. There is a temptation when confronted with these types of comments to push back. We could use facts and common sense to let them know how wrong they are. Things like "How does having access to someone else's database of information make you smart?" or "What is wrong with being capable of not relying on some app or device for everything you do?" may seem solid. But in the mind of the stupid, these truths would just generate more hate directed at your superior mental position. Your intention might be to school them. But it won't take. Because it can't. Because they have the mental capacity and imagination equal to that of a cinder block. (I bet most don't even know what a cinder block is. Don't worry. They'll Google it and be instant experts) But outside the comments, there are plenty more very prevalent markers that indicate stupidity. For instance, one thing I already mentioned: The total lack of imagination.                           -



As an example, I like reading books. (Again, zoomers probably have to Google what a book is) Most of the time, I read history, religious studies, science, wildlife, how-to, medical, and lately I have been into some of the older Dystopian novels. Because lets face it, those things are prophecy at this point. Anyway, in my reading library, I also have several books about survival. Just in case. Books on topics from primitive skills to shelter building to thriving during a recovery period after a potential asteroid strike, etc. All of these have been written by real experts like Dave Canterbury, Les Stroud, several former Green Berets and Marine Force Recon troops, and even some really old books written by old school mountain men and trappers a century ago. I even have a copy of a memoir about how to make 'frontier tea' written by that two-bit dandy General George Armstrong Custer. Ok, back on topic....I was looking around at a local discount store in their book section, when I located a book about nuclear war. It looked interesting. Upon opening the book, I was met with the biography of the author. 25 years old. College "degree" in "constructive human theory", whatever that is. And the one thing that made me laugh out loud, he was a twitch streamer who is really good at fortnight. I do not know why this had to be mentioned, nor what that would contribute to his expertise on surviving a nuclear war. But in honesty, this is kind of what prompted me to buy the book. I had to find out. Upon reading the book, I could not believe how poorly written this book by this "college graduate" was. The grammar was awful. The sentences were repeated many times just in different variations. The guy contradicted his numbers, sometimes within the same paragraph. And the worst part of all, is that



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