Coming Soon!

We will be generating a newsletter to supply people with information that is not commonly reported in the main stream. We will be printing and distributing physical copies in our area. I also intend to mirror the weekly(?) copies on here, so people nationwide have access to them. Once we do, feel free to screen cap, print them out,  and do the same in your community.

Physical print is somewhat of a thing of the past. However, with the out-of-control censorship online, this might become a viable option. At least on smaller, more local levels.

"Winston's Oracle" will be a weekly report featuring advice on how to effectively fight back against social conditioning and tyrannical mandates, Government information that the news outlets refuse to address, and even some stories of sheep encounters, which could be sad and almost funny at the same time. (share your sheep encounter HERE and I may publish it)

More features will be added or taken away as time goes on, and we see what works and what doesn't. In the mean time, you can reach the website owner directly at:

********Update August 16, 2020: The website is up! It is still under construction. But the URL is legit. is operational. Feel free to check it out. *******

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