The Flock Has Some Explaining to Do!

Top 8 Most Annoying Covid Panic Behaviors

1. Convicted criminals are being released from jail due to fears of Covid transmission. Soccer Moms and Grandfathers who are caught playing with the children in the yard, are then arrested and placed in now-vacant jail cells....due to the fear of Covid transmission.
2. "Experts" claim that wearing the mask does not protect the wearer. But for some unexplained reason, it protects others if one happens to be infected. Ok, so, where is this magical one-way valve on the handkerchiefs and Hanes underwear material that people are lashing to their faces?
3. A man was recently killed in a head on collision accident in Florida. This tragedy resulted in instant death. When the autopsy was conducted, it was discovered that this individual had anti-body markers, indicating that he had recently recovered from the corona virus. And so, guess what the death certificate stated? Severe instant trauma from a serious accident? NOPE! Cause of death: Covid-19 Infection! Other incidents involving a shark attack, skydiving accident, and shooting also suffered the same fate. Sheep don't care. In fact, try to point it out to one. Those things can't even comprehend why this is a problem.
4. Black Lives Matter and Antifa burn down cities. And during these events, there are sometimes thousands of them shoulder to shoulder. But the media, in all it's infinite wisdom, have claimed on more than one occasion that there was no Covid spread detected in any of these protests or riots. But hey, you had better not go to Church or a family cookout! The virus will spread like wildfire and kill your entire neighborhood!
5. Under most Un-Constitutional mandates, subservient citizens are instructed that they can remove their muzzles in restaurants. But only while seated. If they stand up, a mask must be immediately strapped on. So, I guess that the virus hovers just above table height? Or maybe standing up makes it mad? Oh, I got it: While seated, it's kind of like Arnold Swarzenegger in the scene in Predator when he was covered in mud and the alien couldn't see him. The virus just can't see people who are sitting down! Yes! I figured it out!
6. A county in New Jersey is enforcing the mask mandate by pulling over people who are driving alone in their vehicle while not wearing a mask. Need I say more?
7. Sheep have been known to physically confront non-maskers. That's right. They claim there is a deadly virus that will kill us all if we don't practice social conditioning, errr, I mean, social distancing, and wear a mask at all times. Yet they apparently have no problem laying their hands on "the infected".
8. People in some parts of New York during the height of the last illegal lockdown/home arrest period, were rewarded with a $50 Amazon gift card for telling on neighbors who dared venture into their own yards without a mask on. Sheep love being part of the Nanny State.

That's all I got for now. There are about 100 more. But I'm tired of typing. Reach me at

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